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3D Animations

The process to create the 3D animation videos consists of three main stages:


  1. Pre-production: Project planning, Script, and Storyboarding creation

  2. Production: 3D Modelling, Animating, Rendering & optional voice over recording

  3. Post-production: Compositing

Software Used

Animations created for WCAIR

While I was working as a digital content developer at the University of Dundee, I created the following two animations on Pharmacokinetics with a focus on Absorption and Metabolism. You can read more about the project and its aims by clicking on the WCAIR logo below:


Animation created for McSorley Lab, UoD

MSc Medical Art Dissertation Project

This animation of the parasitic helminth H.Polygyrus was created for Dr Henry McSorley's lab to help visualise his laboratory's research. Learn more about McSorley lab's research hereModelled in Maya and rendered in Arnold

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